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Legal Idiocy #2: West Virginia School District Swings and Misses

In response to liability concerns, the Cabell County school district in West Virginia removed all of the swing sets from its elementary schools in late 2010. Commenting on the district’s decision, and the pressure he’s felt to take similar action, the local parks director stated: “The whole situation is ridiculous …. It’s a real injustice in this society whereby an agency feels that it has to take playground equipment away from children because of the fear of a lawsuit. I understand the position that the school board is in, but if you’re going to remove swing sets, you might as well take down all of your playgrounds and forget about it. It’s impossible to protect every single child from getting injured on a playground.”

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Free the Teachers

Common Good Chair Philip K. Howard writes in the New York Daily News that the common denominator among schools with good teachers is that those teachers “feel free to teach in [their] own way.” “Inspiration requires spontaneity and originality,” he continues. “Teachers must own their classrooms. This is the secret of every successful school.” Teachers’ freedom, however, is under attack. “Instead of letting teachers inspire students with their passion and spontaneity,” Howard explains, “America has organized public schools as bureaucratic assembly lines. There is a rule for everything—so many rules that no one can know them all.” “We must abandon the bureaucracy so humans can take back control, school by school, classroom by classroom,” Howard concludes. “Not everyone will succeed. But many will, and probably much quicker than imagined. There’s nothing so contagious, the saying goes, as enthusiasm.”

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