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Let’s Talk: The Role of ‘Defensive Medicine’ in Rising Healthcare Costs

Wayne Oliver of the Center for Health Transformation writes on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s HealthFlock blog that “there is a hidden cost of healthcare that no one wants to talk about”—defensive medicine. Defensive medicine—the practice where doctors order unnecessary tests and procedures to protect themselves from potential lawsuits—contributes anywhere from $45B to over $200B of waste to the cost of healthcare every year. 

Start Over asserts that controlling healthcare costs is impossible without first addressing the distrust that fuels defensive medicine—and, as also suggested by Oliver, that in order to create a foundation of trust we need to establish health courts.    
We want to hear from you—How would you address defensive medicine, or wasteful healthcare spending generally? Do health courts hold the key to creating reliable medical justice? Have you experienced defensive medicine personally?—please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.
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