5 Non-Partisan Job Creation Ideas That Could Actually Work

With a stubbornly high unemployment rate and tepid economic growth, paving the way for new jobs has never been more important. Ross DeVol of the Milken Institute, in an essay for America the Fixable, explains how a few simple reforms could make a big difference—and gain bipartisan support.

DeVol’s suggestions include an improved visa system to attract creative talent and skilled workers from abroad, increased tax incentives for research and development, and a streamlined corporate tax system that would encourage domestic investment.

Read about DeVol’s ideas here, and visit America the Fixable to find more ideas for job creation.

"America the Fixable" is an online magazine collaboration between The Atlantic and Common Good. It provides a bipartisan forum for the presentation of bold, new ideas to reform America's governmental and legal system—ideas that need to be part of the 2012 debate and beyond.