America the Fixable: Grade Retention and Other Dead-End Educational Policies

The latest entry in "America the Fixable" comes from Kevin Welner, professor of education and director of the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education.

Welner argues that we should pay more attention to what we know works, and what doesn't work, to improve schools. "Education policy, like so many areas of lawmaking, is rife with reform proposals that, while attractive on paper, are supported by little or no evidence," Welner writes. "Some are even proven failures. Yet once a lawmaker becomes fixated on a proposal, it seems that no amount of evidence will dampen that pursuit."

Read the rest of Welner's piece here.

"America the Fixable" is an online magazine collaboration between The Atlantic and Common Good. It provides a bipartisan forum for the presentation of bold, new ideas to reform America's governmental and legal system--ideas that need to be part of the 2012 debate.