Common Good Releases New Report: “Billions for Red Tape”

Today Common Good released “Billions for Red Tape: Focusing on the Approval Process for the Gateway Rail Tunnel Project,” our new report showing that improved permitting for the proposed Gateway Rail Tunnel Project would save taxpayers billions and avoid significant environmental harm. The Gateway Project is a $24 billion infrastructure plan to alleviate a critical bottleneck on the Northeast Corridor, an area of the country that accounts for 20 percent of national GDP.

As set forth in the report, when compared to an 18-month process to finish review and permitting, a three-year permitting timetable would increase taxpayer cost of the project by over $3 billion, and a further two-year delay would increase costs by almost $10 billion. Another two years would raise costs by more than $13 billion.

“Billions for Red Tape” proposes approval mechanisms to reduce the cost and enhance the environmental benefits of the project. It was written by Philip Howard and supplements an earlier Common Good report released in September 2015: “Two Years, Not Ten Years: Redesigning Infrastructure Approvals.”

Read the press release here.

Read the report here.

Common Good will host a discussion of the report this evening, May 9th, in New York City. It will feature remarks from Senator Cory Booker followed by a moderated panel. You can learn more about the event here.

Common Good is pushing for a radically simplified approach to infrastructure permitting, particularly for projects of such regional and national importance as Gateway. We would welcome your comments and suggestions on this crucial issue. You can e-mail them to Thank you.