Common Good’s Gateway Report Receives Extensive Coverage from New York Times, Reuters, AP, Others

Billions for Red Tape,” Common Good’s new report on the economic and environmental costs of delayed permitting of the Gateway Rail Tunnel Project, continues to receive significant national and local attention. On May 18, Jim Dwyer of the New York Times wrote about the project and our report in an essay titled “Less Talk, More Action on Hudson Rail Tunnels, Before It’s Too Late”:

At issue now is not building replacements, but how fast it can be done. The customary pace of public works projects puts the entire region in peril.

If just one of the two tunnels has to be shut down, which could happen at any time, it means train traffic will have to be reduced not by half, but by 75 percent, from 24 trains per hour to six. That’s because the sole remaining tunnel will have to be used for two-way traffic, and time will be lost in reversing signals, according to 'Billions for Red Tape: Focusing on the Approval Process for the Gateway Tunnel Project,' a report from the Common Good, a group that advocates the reform of government processes.

The group is calling for President Obama to issue an executive order that would turn over authority for environmental review on the project to the chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality, and for other permitting issues to the federal Office of Management and Budget.

The point is to limit years of meetings with 20 agencies sitting around and planning yet more meetings, said Philip K. Howard, the president of Common Good.

'Inaction is the worst result of all,' Mr. Howard said.

The report—and the event with Senator Cory Booker that launched it—has also been covered by Reuters, the Associated Press, Politico, The Hill, New York and New Jersey media outlets, and numerous trade journals. 

You can read the report here, and its accompanying press release here.