December 14 Forum: Drain the Swamp? Regulatory Reform Under President Trump

UPDATE: Click on the images below to watch video of the event. Selected clips will be made available in the coming days.

Panel 1: Getting Moving on Infrastructure

Panel 2: Rethinking Executive Authority and Congressional Oversight

Panel 3: Re-Imagining Regulatory Reform

Products distributed at and coming out of the event include:

  • Forum agenda and biographies
  • Philip Howard’s December 14 op-ed in the Washington Post on what President Trump could do to finally tame the red tape monster
  • An animated video—titled “Draining the Swamp”—on the benefits of regulation by results
  • Common Good’s draft legislation to implement the proposals from our September 2015 “Two Years, Not Ten Years” infrastructure report
  • Speaker Gingrich discussing the forum on his December 14 appearance on FOX News (begins at the 4:35 mark)


On December 14, Common Good and Covington & Burling LLP will hold a morning forum discussing regulatory reform in the Trump administration.

The event will have three panels: 1) getting moving on infrastructure; 2) re-imagining regulatory reform; and 3) rethinking executive authority and congressional oversight.

Participants include (list in formation):

Oren Cass, Manhattan Institute
Christopher DeMuth, Hudson Institute
Susan E. Dudley, George Washington University
E. Donald Elliott, Covington & Burling; Yale Law School
Daniel M. Flores, Chief Counsel, House Subcomm. on Reg. Reform
William A. Galston, Brookings Institution
Hon. Newt Gingrich
Jason Grumet, Bipartisan Policy Center
Frederick M. Hess, American Enterprise Institute
Philip K. Howard, Common Good
Richard G. Kidd IV, Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council
Brink Lindsey, Cato Institute
Will Marshall, Progressive Policy Institute
Diana C. Mendes, HNTB Corporation
Paul Noe, American Forest & Paper Association
Michael Schmidt, former economic policy advisor to Hillary Clinton
David Schoenbrod, New York Law School
John Veroneau, Covington & Burling
Philip A. Wallach, Brookings Institution

Event details:
Title:   Drain the Swamp? Regulatory Reform Under President Trump

When:   Wednesday, December 14, 2016; 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, with informal lunch after; registration and breakfast begin at 8:15 AM.

Where:   Covington & Burling LLP; 10th Floor; One CityCenter; 850 Tenth Street, NW; Washington, DC 20001

To RSVP, please e-mail your name, position, affiliation, and contact information to Ruth Mary Giverin of Common Good at Please contact Ruth with any questions as well. All attendees must register before the day of the event.