Hospitals & Health Networks interviews Philip Howard on health courts

For their February issue, the health care magazine Hospitals & Health Networks spoke with Common Good Chair Philip K. Howard about creating health courts. These courts would establish fair and reliable medical justice while saving billions in defensive medicine waste. This reform would help both patients and doctors by creating a more efficient system driven by reliability rather than fear. As Howard puts it:

In any complex service delivery system you need openness and transparency. And what the Institute of Medicine has found is that defensiveness encourages professionals not to use their peripheral vision, not to speak up--'Are you sure that's the right dosage?'--because they're fearful of taking legal responsibility. They're afraid of speaking up when it's not their patient; you can't get into trouble if you don't do anything. Tragic errors might have been caught if people were simply being spontaneous and acting on their best judgment.

Read the whole article here, and find out more about Common Good’s proposal here.