Malpractice lawsuits are expensive, protracted, and foment mistrust

A new report on medical malpractice suits by Medscape takes a closer look at doctors' experience of malpractice suits. Among the findings:

  • 39% of malpractice suits take more than 3 years to resolve.
  • 93% of doctors believe expressing sympathy for patients by saying "I'm sorry" would not have helped.
  • 29% of doctors report losing trust in patients after a malpractice suit.
  • 6% of doctors report leaving their practice altogether.


Our malpractice system creates unfortunate incentives--for mistrust between doctors and patients, defensive medicine, and expensive legal battles--that damage both doctors and patients. Common Good advocates health courts, a reform that would restore reliability and trust, save time and money, and promote fair outcomes. Read our proposal here.