Rules Can’t Think: Why Government Needs Radical Simplification

Six months ago, Common Good and The Atlantic teamed up to create an online forum series, America the Fixable, about common sense answers for America’s pressing challenges. Now, to conclude the series, Common Good Chair Philip K. Howard has written a final essay on the urgency of big change. “Today,” he writes, “government is too dense for anyone to act sensibly, much less make a difference. Leadership is impossible, and often illegal. Accountability is nonexistent.”

Serious change isn’t a choice anymore, Philip writes—it’s a necessity. “Nothing much about government works sensibly today. The public spigot is wide open, wasting almost as much as it is helping. America can't afford it. Everyone knows the structure must be rebuilt—that's what this series reveals.”

Read the rest of Philip Howard’s essay here, and see the full America the Fixable series here.