The Solution

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The Solution: Restore Responsibility

Real people, not rules, make things happen.  To get America moving, people have to be liberated to make fresh choices.  This requires pulling back law into boundaries that frame free choices, setting goals and principles.  Freedom is not an instruction manual, or legal handcuffs.  Taking responsibility requires freedom to balance, adapt, and make tradeoffs.  Unleashing America’s can-do spirit requires giving people goals, not telling them how to achieve them. 

Today Americans are tied in legal knots, and can’t use their common sense.  Teachers are diverted by endless bureaucracy.  Doctors are paranoid about lawsuits.  Officials have their noses in thousand-page rulebooks.  Decade after decade, law has piled up, like sediment in a harbor, until no one can do anything sensibly.  Even the president is stuck, unable to approve environmental projects without a decade of review. 

Not everyone will succeed, of course.  That’s why accountability is critical.  The worse government fails, the more we distrust it.  To fix things, however, officials must be free to do things differently.  There’s only one solution: Allow officials flexibility in exchange for individual accountability if they abuse their authority.