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The U.S. “Is Losing Its Soul”

In a new review of The Rule of Nobody, Jesse Singal of the Boston Globe says that Philip Howard presents a "convincing, provocative argument… Howard’s clear, levelheaded descriptions of how things are done elsewhere…proves his point: We really need to figure out a better way to do operate, lest the country grind to a halt."

Singal writes:

In 2011, writes Philip K. Howard, "firefighters stood on the beach in Alameda, California, and watched a suicidal man flailing in water 150 yards offshore."

None of them moved to rescue the man, because, as a result of budget cuts, they hadn’t been recertified in “land-based water rescues,” and therefore certain “legal liabilit[ies]” could arise. So they watched him struggle for an hour, and then he drowned.

This tragic incident highlights the key points in Howard’s convincing, provocative argument. The United States, he writes, "is losing its soul. Instead of creating legal structures that support our values, Americans are abandoning our values in deference to the bureaucratic structures."

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Majority Believe Environmental Reviews of Infrastructure Projects Could Be Shortened

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Health Court Reform Proposal Gains Key Support

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Momentum For Health Courts Continues To Build

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Large Majorities of Voters Want Federal Government Simplified

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U.S. Voters Think Complicated Government Rules And Regulations Are Major Impediments To Job Creation

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69% Of Small Business Leaders Say Complicated Government Regulations Impede Job Creation

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Voters Support “No Budget, No Pay” Proposal To Force Congress To Act

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New Nationwide Poll: Most Voters Distrust U.S. Legal System

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Large Majority Of U.S. Voters Think Legal System Increases Cost of Care

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