Newsletter: Misdiagnosing the Failed State

(May 12, 2020) You would think America is doomed from the chorus of lamentations by public intellectuals. They see no way out of the toxic combination of polarized politics, cultural divisions, and growing cynicism. 

Newsletter: Time to Toss Legacy Government Baggage

(May 4, 2020) It’s no secret that state budgets are weighed down by indefensible public pensions and featherbedding. Sen. Mitch McConnell and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have locked horns on whether Washington should bail out states that are basically insolvent. 

Newsletter: Tough Choices Ahead

(4/14/20) As the spread of COVID-19 stabilizes—ending “the first phase of containment”—the country is confronted with choices unlike any others it has ever faced. These include incursions of privacy and acceptance of certain levels of COVID-19 morbidity in order to avoid deaths from a depressed economy. 

Newsletter: Recovery vs Red Tape

(3/30/20) Red tape exacerbated the spread of COVID-19, as public health officials waited for approvals to make it through the eye of the Washington needle.

Red tape will also delay the recovery, as educators, business managers, and officials struggle through the legal jungle to get America running again. 

Newsletter: What Most Voters Want

(Feb 18, 2020) There’s an opportunity hiding in plain sight for Democratic candidates: Most voters think Washington needs to be completely overhauled. But there’s been nothing in the Democratic debates on fixing broken government — literally not one question. 

Newsletter: Streamlining Red Tape

(Jan 15, 2020) Last week, President Trump proposed rule changes to streamline the environmental permitting process, adopting key elements of Common Good’s proposals. Putting reasonable time limits on permitting is clearly in the public interest, and we will also suggest changes in the formal comment period. 

Newsletter: Proposing A New Vision

(Oct 9, 2019) Many Americans don’t find a comfortable political home either with the Republican party of Donald Trump or the left wing of the Democratic party. 

Newsletter: Hunger for a New Vision

(Jul 22, 2019) Extremist political rhetoric is polarizing, by design. But it’s also exhausting. At some point the shouting becomes white noise. People start tuning out. 

Newsletter: Darkest Before the Dawn

(July 10, 2019) Every successful presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter has run on a platform of reining in Washington bureaucracy. It’s odd, then, that the phalanx of Democratic candidates think they can win by promising ever-more-public-benefits.