Newsletter: Pushing the Reset Button

(February 11, 2019) Where will current political debate lead? We see no bright future at the end of any political tunnel. Howard Schultz’s independent candidacy has incurred the wrath of Democrats who fear that his candidacy will divert Democratic votes. 

Newsletter: The Rising Reform Chorus

(December 21, 2018) Building public support for overhauling Washington got a boost this week from a policy essay by the Niskanen Center. Refreshingly, this new conservative think tank focuses on practical problem solving, not conservative ideology. 

Newsletter: Reviving Practicality and Morality

(November 13, 2018) Increasingly, what passes for a national dialogue has devolved into a shouting match between the extreme wings of the major parties. According to a recent study by the international nonprofit More in Common, only 14% of Americans are either hard-left or hard-right, yet those extremes dominate party politics. 

Newsletter: A Path Forward on Permitting Reform

(September 10, 2018) Philip Howard recently testified before Congress on the need for infrastructure permitting reform. In his testimony, Philip explained that environmental review and regulatory tradeoffs require giving officials authority to make the value judgments for sensible decisions. 

Newsletter: Getting it Together on Infrastructure

(April 4, 2018) Washington is having a hard time getting its act together on infrastructure. The Trump Administration is strongly promoting the streamlining of permitting – a high priority for Common Good – but their funding plan ($200 billion to support $1.5 trillion) is not realistic, since states can’t fill the gap. 

Newsletter: The Road Forward on Infrastructure

(Feb. 15, 2018) The White House’s infrastructure plan launches an essential public discussion of how to modernize America’s decrepit infrastructure in a timely fashion. Core elements of the plan reflect proposals made in our Two Years, Not Ten Years report, including:

  • “One Agency, One Decision” environmental review structure.The proposal should go further and preempt state review for interstate projects.