America Magazine: Can Common Sense Fix Our Broken Democracy?

(June 14, 2019) Washington has given up on governing. It doesn’t fix programs that everyone knows have long been broken. It doesn’t respond to public anger at Big Brother breathing down our necks in schools, hospitals and the workplace. 

The Hill: Getting Serious About Infrastructure

(May 18, 2019) Fixing America’s decrepit infrastructure enjoys rare bipartisan support. But the recent announcement of a $2 trillion plan by President Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) was quickly doused by reality. 

The Hill: A Radical Centrist Platform for 2020

(April 13, 2019) Centrist politics don’t offer the passion of absolutist solutions. In the words of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.): “Moderate is not a stance. It’s just an attitude towards life of, like, ‘meh.’”  

RealClear Books: Revive the Moral Mandate

(February 22, 2019) Bad habits are hard to change, and even harder when America no longer has a meaningful public culture. Tocqueville talked about it this way: 

Niskanen Center: How Distrust Breeds Dysfunction

(February 9, 2019) America’s current governing system, created after the 1960s, dictates governing choices out of a huge legal machine, programmed with about 150 million words of federal law. 

The American Interest: Bureaucracy vs. Democracy

(January 31, 2019) The daily detonations from the White House are diverting our attention from deeper flaws in modern American government. Donald Trump was elected for a reason: many Americans are fed up with Washington. 

New York Post: Replace Washington

(January 27, 2019) For decades now, Americans have slogged through a rising tide of idiocies. Getting a permit to do something useful, say, open a restaurant or fix a bridge, can take years. 

New York Daily News: Build Big Without Wasting Billions

(October 23, 2017) New York is at the cusp of a major infrastructure building boom, but an obsolete New York statute from the 19th century called the Scaffold Law has already wasted $200 million on one project — the new Mario Cuomo (Tappan Zee) Bridge.