New York Daily News: Shred the Red Tape

(April 2, 2017) President Trump has signaled that one of his next big initiatives will be to jump-start a trillion-dollar program to rebuild America’s fraying infrastructure. 

Daily Beast: How Trump Can Save Almost $1 Trillion in 10 Easy Steps

(February 28, 2017) Donald Trump has a mandate to clean out the mess in Washington. Cutting waste is critical. This golden opportunity may fail, however, if the Trump administration starts a culture war by defunding EPA and other agencies popular with liberals, while leaving most waste untouched. 

American Interest: Democracy for an Age of Distrust

(November 16, 2016) Americans now have an historic opportunity to reimagine government. The
key is to abandon the centralized operating philosophy which, in thousandpage
rulebooks, purports to tell everybody how to do everything.