President Obama’s Budget Includes a Breakthrough to Address Medical Malpractice Reform

(February 16, 2011) President Barack Obama’s recently unveiled Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 calls for “a more aggressive effort to reform our medical malpractice system to reduce defensive medicine, promote patient safety, and improve patient outcomes” and “encourages Republicans to work constructively with him on medical malpractice as part of an overall effort to restrain health costs.” 

Federal Deficit Commission Endorses Health Courts

(December 6, 2010) President Barack Obama’s U.S. deficit commission endorsed the creation of specialized health courts when a bipartisan majority of its members approved its report on Friday, December 3rd. 

Three Major Endorsements of Health Courts

(November 1, 2010) Three major endorsements of health courts (also called medical courts) have recently emerged, as the nation grapples with ever-rising health care costs and the reality that better care at a lower cost is needed.