Common Good Updates the Cost of US Infrastructure Delays

(May 2018) In 2015, Common Good published a report, “Two Years, Not Ten Years,” which concluded that delays associated with infrastructure permitting in the United States impose costs that are comparable to those required to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure. 

The New York Scaffold Law: An Obsolete, Inequitable Law

(October 2017) For too long, New Yorkers have lived with the unintended consequences of New York’s Labor Law §240, a 19th-century statute commonly called the “Scaffold Law”: enormous legal settlements, prohibitive insurance rates, and, as a result, materially higher costs for infrastructure and building projects. 

Democracy For An Age of Distrust

(November 16, 2016) Americans now have a historic opportunity to reimagine government. The key is to abandon the centralized operating philosophy which, in thousand-page rulebooks, purports to tell everybody how to do everything.