Common Good Responds to CRS and Defazio Critiques of “Two Years” Report

The Congressional Research Service (CRS), at the behest of House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Ranking Member Peter DeFazio, recently released a memorandum critiquing Common Good’s white paper, “Two Years, Not Ten Years: Redesigning Infrastructure Approvals,” that was published in 2015. …

Philip Howard Testifies Before House Small Business Committee

UPDATE:   Inc. magazine’s Leigh Buchanan reports on Philip’s testimony and his three-step plan for streamlining small business regulation. Read her piece – “When It Comes to Regulations, the Deck Is Stacked Against Small Businesses” – here.


Common Good Responds to Critique of “Two Years, Not Ten Years”


This weekend, Washington Post Columnist George Will weighed in on CAP’s critique of Common Good’s “Two Years, Not Ten Years” report:

Twenty months after Howard published his article, the response by the Center for American Progress (CAP) shows