Newsletter: Let the Controversy Begin

(January 18, 2019) Commentary has begun on Philip’s new book, Try Common Sense, available January 29th. TIME highlights it as a “Book to Read”: “As the rhetoric between American political parties grows more tense, Philip K. Howard offers a solution based in practicality.” says the book “offers up concrete proposals not just to reform government but to route around it and get on with our lives.” Listen to the recent Reason Podcast interview with Philip here.

Leading thinkers like Jonathan Haidt, Sen. Alan Simpson, Mary Ann Glendon, and George Gilder have strongly endorsed the book.

On the other hand…a review by Mark Green in this Sunday’s New York Times attacks the book, asking: “Is now really the best time for a jeremiad against ‘regulation’?” Because the book attacks left-wing ideologies (as well as those on the right), it’s perhaps not surprising that Green, a prominent left-wing partisan, doesn’t deal with the actual themes of the book – including how to make regulation practical.

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