Newsletter: Getting it Together on Infrastructure

(April 4, 2018) Washington is having a hard time getting its act together on infrastructure. The Trump Administration is strongly promoting the streamlining of permitting – a high priority for Common Good – but their funding plan ($200 billion to support $1.5 trillion) is not realistic, since states can’t fill the gap.

The proposed $13 billion Gateway Rail Tunnel Project under the Hudson River received a temporary funding lifeline of $541 million in the new federal budget, but much more federal support is needed.

The Atlantic recently discussed the Administration’s efforts to expedite infrastructure approvals nationally, citing Common Good extensively. Unfortunately, President Trump’s top infrastructure aide announced yesterday that he was leaving the White House. Only days before, the President declared that a major infrastructure bill likely won’t happen before the midterm elections.

The cost of delay in investing America’s infrastructure – both in economic and environmental terms – is too high. Common Good recently announced that a one-year delay raises the costs of the Gateway Project by $1.6 billion, and would emit 366,000 tons of CO2.

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