Newsletter: Hunger for a New Vision

(Jul 22, 2019) Extremist political rhetoric is polarizing, by design. But it’s also exhausting. At some point the shouting becomes white noise. People start tuning out. That’s what happened with Joe McCarthy.

What’s needed is a vision that brings Americans together. Two conservative thought leaders recently embraced our radical centrist vision of rebooting Washington — not to “de-regulate” but to empower Americans, including officials, to make practical choices.

Steve Forbes’s powerful review of Try Common Sense is in the August issue of Forbes magazine.

Popular radio host Glenn Beck, with 10 million listeners, gave a bear hug to our vision of human empowerment in an in-depth interview with Philip (segment begins at the 1 hour, 26 min. mark). Beck specifically delineates and discusses most of our proposed governing principles.

Forbes also published an op-ed by Philip explaining how the Presidential candidates are missing a huge opportunity to attract American voters.

Common Good is organizing an idea campaign, called Principled America, to rally public demand for overhauling Washington. We plan to produce videos exposing idiocies of overbearing bureaucracy and proposing simple solutions. Please let us know if you’d like to help, either by being a missionary or by helping raise funds. Please pass this on to anyone whom might help.

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