Newsletter: Proposing A New Vision

(Oct 9, 2019) Many Americans don’t find a comfortable political home either with the Republican party of Donald Trump or the left wing of the Democratic party. Where can they go to support their values and goals?

In today’s Washington Post, Purdue University President Mitch Daniels suggests that both parties are ignoring a key element of credible government – the ability to make practical governing choices. Daniels, a former Governor of Indiana and head of the Office of Management and Budget, suggests that Common Good has a sensible governing vision: “Philip K. Howard argues persuasively in ‘Try Common Sense‘ . . . that nothing will suffice short of replacing today’s entire rules-based, hyper-prescriptive, compliance-obsessed edifice with a radically simplified system based on individual judgment under strong oversight.”

Common Good will shortly launch an advocacy campaign to build support to rebuild Washington based on founding principles. Here is our draft mission statement for a Principled America. We are raising funds to produce dozens of short videos that explain why public decisions are so often idiotic. We will propose a shadow presidential platform on schools, healthcare, government accountability, and other domestic issues, and host forums around the country with leading experts. If you agree that the political debate needs to include a new vision, please join our discussion, and recruit others.

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