Newsletter: Pushing the Reset Button

(February 11, 2019) Where will current political debate lead? We see no bright future at the end of any political tunnel. Howard Schultz’s independent candidacy has incurred the wrath of Democrats who fear that his candidacy will divert Democratic votes. But at least Schultz tells the truth about sacred cows which make government virtually unmanageable.

Philip Howard’s new book, Try Common Sense, is generating attention for a new governing vision:

  • The review of the book in Sunday’s Washington Post says it “makes a case for pushing a giant reset button.”
  • The Niskanen Center excerpts portions of the book, including “Ten principles for a practical society.”
  • An energetic discussion on Fox’s Deep Dive with WSJ columnist Dan Henninger and public administration expert Paul Light leaves little doubt that the massive legacy bureaucracy must be rebooted.
  • Try Common Sense was featured as “Book of the Week” on RealClear Books.

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