Newsletter: Recovery vs Red Tape

(3/30/20) Red tape exacerbated the spread of COVID-19, as public health officials waited for approvals to make it through the eye of the Washington needle.

Red tape will also delay the recovery, as educators, business managers, and officials struggle through the legal jungle to get America running again.

Here is Philip Howard’s USA Today op-ed calling for a Recovery Authority. If you agree, please forward.

As this crisis demonstrates, America desperately needs a spring cleaning of legacy bureaucracies—not to de-regulate, but to simplify and re-regulate so government can do its job without suffocating human initiative. Fareed Zakaria notes the “caricature of bureaucratic inefficiency” resulting from understaffed and overburdened officials with “little power and discretion.” To David Brooks, the crisis shows “the decay of our governing institutions, too much politics, too much regulation, not enough room to maneuver for the managers.”

We will launch our Campaign for Common Sense in May. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

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