Newsletter: The Rising Reform Chorus

(December 21, 2018) Building public support for overhauling Washington got a boost this week from a policy essay by the Niskanen Center. Refreshingly, this new conservative think tank focuses on practical problem solving, not conservative ideology. The goal, they say, is not to get rid of government but for it to make the practical choices required for healthy markets and a secure society. This burst of fresh air was immediately praised by David Brooks (“The Niskanen authors are making a compelling case for moderation”) and Jonathan Chait (“a program for maximizing human freedom that follows the facts.”)

Philip Howard’s new book, Try Common Sense (January 29, 2019), goes one step further and offers a new governing vision that allows people, at all levels of responsibility, to make practical public choices. Howard also argues that the only cure to citizen alienation is to restore their ownership of daily choices. Harvard Law professor Mary Ann Glendon calls the book “a breath of fresh air in an America where the political atmosphere has been poisoned by partisan invective” and Sen. Alan Simpson says it provides a “practical vision certain to offend the political establishment.”

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