For Citizens:

There is much YOU can do to help build a strong movement on behalf of Common Good’s agenda for common sense reforms:

  • Join the movement. Receive Common Good updates and news about events and initiatives. Click here to join.
  • Contact your elected officials. Let them know you want new policies to clean out obsolete laws, senseless regulations and programs that no longer work. Click here to make your voice heard.
  • Shape the policy debate with serious ideas. Call radio talk shows. Go to town halls and public meetings. Ask political candidates and elected officials the right 8 questions about issues that matter. Click here to see how easy it is to make a difference.
  • Tell us what’s happening in your state. Let us know about reform initiatives in your state and community. Click here to share the news.
  • Make the next election about serious ideas. Give copies of Philip K. Howard’s booklet “Start Over: New Ideas to Overhaul Government, Regulation and Litigation” to your local elected officials and political candidates. Click here to download the brochure.
  • Organize local meetings with your legislators. Ask them to support Common Good’s agenda for common sense reforms. Click here to find out how.
  • Make a financial contribution. Support Common Good’s research, policy and advocacy support activities. Click here to give a helping hand.

For Elected Officials and Candidates:

  • Learn about Common Good’s reform agenda. Find out more about a range of sensible, nonpartisan ideas to overhaul government, regulation and litigation––and specific policy proposals you can sponsor. Click here for issue briefs and fact sheets.
  • Read what voters say. Polls show that Americans think government is broken––and want elected officials to fix it. Click here for the data.
  • Obtain policy and research assistance. Contact Common Good’s staff to help develop new ideas and policy proposals. Click here for contact information.