Common Good Survey Finds Voters Agree on a New Approach to Government Reform

While it’s no surprise that most Americans (83%) are fed up with Washington, a new nationwide poll commissioned by Common Good also finds bipartisan support for the simpler and more flexible government structures we have proposed.

  • 55% of voters agree that “changing the people who run government will never fix the real problems if we don’t change the underlying system of government.”
  • Over 60% of voters believe that government officials lack the authority to make decisions based on common sense and that “one-size fits all” rules don’t work in the real world.

The results of the survey make clear that voters of all stripes have lost faith both in traditional left/right solutions and in the bureaucratic framework that prevents people from using their common sense.

This growing demand for a new governing vision is reflected in recent columns calling for Congress to eliminate and reform obsolete law, create commissions to review and radically simplify regulations, speed up the federal permitting approval process, slash the bureaucracy and paperwork entangling our schools, and fundamentally overhaul the health care system. Common Good’s ideas have entered the political zeitgeist. Now is the time to rally Americans around a singular vision – to remake government into radically simplified frameworks and liberate Americans to use their common sense.

Click here to read the full press release for more poll results.

Originally published in the August 24th, 2017 edition of the Common Good Newsletter – sign up here to receive these updates straight to your inbox

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