Daily Beast: How Trump Can Save Almost $1 Trillion in 10 Easy Steps

President Trump has called for $54 billion in cuts to discretionary spending, with the EPA and the Department of State floated as likely targets. Such cuts will stoke the flames of partisanship while delivering relatively minuscule savings. Writing in the Daily Beast, Philip Howard explains that there are hundreds of billions of dollars worth of low-hanging fruit the President could target instead, resulting in substantial federal savings and millions of new private sector jobs:

Donald Trump has a mandate to clean out the mess in Washington. Cutting waste is critical. This golden opportunity may fail, however, if the Trump administration starts a culture war by defunding EPA and other agencies popular with liberals, while leaving most waste untouched. There’s no need to stall on take-off: Washington’s waste pile is so high that President Trump could energize the economy by bulldozing bureaucracy that serves no public purpose.

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