Philip Howard on Steve Forbes' Podcast

America was once a common-sense, can-do country. Yet today we seem stuck in molasses, bogged down by rules and regulations. Philip Howard, author of the new blockbuster book, Try Common Sense: Replacing the Failed Ideologies of Right and Left, explains in this absorbing, highly-important conversation how we got into this terrible situation.

Why does it take ten years to build a highway that once took two years? Why can’t teachers discipline students without consulting a 500-page manual? Why can’t grossly incompetent or abusive government workers be fired without immense, time-consuming procedures? Why is a small orchard in upstate New York burdened with 5,000 rules from 17 different programs and agencies? Why have judges lost control of their courtrooms to extortionist litigants? No wonder Americans feel they are losing control of their lives.

Howard gives us practical remedies to save us from this unending blizzard of nitpicking, suffocating rules and on how to make government responsive and responsible again. Listen, learn—and act!

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